Chantal van Heeswijk

Chantal van Heeswijk works as Visual Designer. She has the ability to handle from a conceptual and poetic way with specific questions. By responding, to analyze them, to materializing them and add here handwriting en humor to them. This together makes it here own and visual expressions in all kinds of manifestations. She designs here own Product-Objects as Dyslexic Furniture, Cuddles for large people and Gold rings with real tooth’s in it.

About her work she says;
"I am I. Without an apparent reason, there appear ideas ...
My hands set to work and there arise a own reality. I have to keep an eye on them because, if the ideas begin to grow, they often grow faster than that I can keep up. From one idea another association… than again 2-, and then again 3-dimensional. At the moment my ceramic images hang on the wall and drawings runs together. Fortunately my handwriting is still recognizable and are material usage, tactically, emotion, and a dose of humor, the fixed elements in the work. My work arises while my hands translate what my eyes have seen. I give them the space so that there develops an own language, a recognizable visual languages, a new reality. Hopefully enriched my work also your reality."

Also she says;
“I designs magnified human situations and enter the regie. Think of openings, temporary installations or presentations at location. That’s the way I play with the audience, they are stories, stils from a film, you imagine you in another country. My drawings translate the reality to an alienated two dimensional image, next I bring that image three-dimensional to life."

- Ceramic writing for nuts factory, to Katjang Pedis Zeeland.
- Guerilla action in the form of placing question marks in command of the northern district of Rotterdam.
- Opening care for the Museum Night, in the form of a visual spectacle, Rotterdam.
- Design of 'I * Bridge * You' in cooperation with Observatorium for Foundation Look at South, younger years in Rotterdam South.
- Information- and root map for welcome package Rotterdam North, Provenierswijk/ Blijdorp and Bergpolder/ Liskwartier.
- Design for Children Exhibition "Travelling you rich! 'For Centraal Museum, Utrecht.
- Design and implementation of price for Reporter Photo of the year, Villa Zebra Rotterdam.
- Design for schoolyard "The Happy Mountain" in Rotterdam.
-'' Small Space Design Race” for Tuttobene, Milan
- Design for welcome package Rotterdam North.
- Central Museum in Utrecht, exhibition design & print, "The Tubes"
- Ceramic Diary for Van Heeswijk Notaries Rotterdam.
Illustration for Psile, ToDo art projects, Rotterdam
- Design / illustration for Book ESSENT green electricity at Essent (LINK, Rotterdam)
- "Tea Bags" for Pilot Rotterdam.
- Concept Presentation for the packaging of Space, Bakkersland Moordrecht.
- Concept Presentation Woonhotel Rotterdam in collaboration with BLIK art mediation Rotterdam.
- Installation Coffee Corner Kids Corner with Praxis Etten - Leur.
- Design for Kids Central, Central Museum with a fellow designer.
- Installation of the Project Buro Hofkwartier Dordrecht.
- Fountain at Terneuzen

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Chantal van Heeswijk - Breda 1974

The Design Academy Eind-hoven 1996-2000 Men and Living
Nimeto Utrecht Advertising and Presentation Techniques 1992-1996 Urban Design Institute of Fine Arts and Crafts Antwerpen 1991-1992 Plastic Arts and Photography

- CBK Rotterdam, Installation, ‘This is ik’ 2009
- RAM Foundation Rotterdam, "Small Works"
- Utrecht, "Een ander daglicht(3)
- Designhuis Eindhoven, guests exhibition
- Royal Leerdam Crystal, "Op het lijf geblazen"
- Galerie LUTZ, Delft, ‘Vogelhuisjes’ and 'Schets van de werkelijkheid’
- Art Amsterdam, Art ID, performance 'Handkijker'
- Art ID Rotterdam, performance 'Handkijker' and ‘Zwaaiende handen’
- Rotterdam 2007 City of Architecture, Link, billboards route through the center
- Samas, "Meubel in beeld"
- Galerie Ram Rotterdam, Editie exposition and solo exposition
- Art route of photographs in Rotterdam Noord.
- Galerie RAM Rotterdam, “Prijzen Kast”
- Villa Zebra, Rotterdam
- Centraal Museum Utrecht, “HIERO!” Kids Centraal
- Stedelijk Museum Schiedam,"Sieraden"
- Artotheek in Tent Rotterdam “prospecten van nooit vermoed schoon”
- EKWC te Den Bosch, End presentation
- Rotterdams Fabrikaat, liefdes tekeningen en Object Ruimte; “de Kus”.
- NAI Rotterdam, LINK-Architectuur, one at one.
- eigen atelier, "Gastvrij113”
- The Design Academy Eindhoven, Graduation show 2001
- Rotterdam, Expositie “Gluren & Buren”