Chantal van Heeswijk / Visual Designer

Chantal van Heeswijk works as Visual Designer. She has the ability to handle from a conceptual and poetic way with specific questions. By responding, to analyze them, to materializing them and add here handwriting en humor to them. This together makes it here own and visual expressions in all... more

Clare van Stolk / Artist

As a painter I find it difficult to describe my work in words. My aim is to dissapear in that wonderful flow, where the brush moves, the paint appears on the canvas and every subconscious impuls is followed blindly. Inspiration comes from many sources but the last year I have sought it in... more

Dorte Rasmussen / Artist Painter

Dorte Rasmussen is a natural painter of the 21th century. Knowledge of rhythm and light determine her way of working. The world seems to inspire, but in the process for her it is eventualy about the painting it self. The whole breathes an atmosphere of brightness and optimism and it is still... more

Elly Baltus / Artist

Linking contemporary art and tradition features the work of the artist Elly Baltus. The material bronze is usually the result of her quest. Elly Baltus broke through with the statue of Jan van Scorel standing in front of the church at Schoorl, with the result that she was asked to make more... more

Frans Buissink / Visual Painter

Frans Buissink is a visual painter. If you ask Frans: What do these paintings main? he gives you the following answer. "Try to see them as fascinating paint spots, with great attention and excite color applied. You can also see landscapes and nature scenes. If one atmosphere. Because they are... more

Hanneke de Munck / Artist - Sculptor

In her sculpures, the elements of movement and tension is strong present. The sculptures seem imbued with a warm vibrancy, especially in the series "Dancers" this is express clear. The tension in her work stems from her interest in the human, the music and the literature. Considering the... more

Hanneke Klinkum / Artist

Hanneke Klinkum writes about her work : "Fragments from nature (human, animal , plant) and technology ( the man- made thing ) serve as inspiration for my sculptures and drawings. Details from a mechanical and organic world gets a new form by an associative approach and the choice of materials,... more

Hélène Min / Artist

The work of Hélène Min is determined by a fascination for fish and the sea, source of all life. In the form of, often almost floating installations would she represents the conscience of the fish. Fish are ideal indicators eminently when it comes to the state of the earth on the environment.... more

Jeanne Rombouts / Artist - Drawer

The interweaving of a man with his birthplace in the art is a hardly discussed topic. Perhaps one must be, just like Jeanne Rombouts, be a farmer daughter to the earth on which - and where! - one lives to choose as a basis for their own art work. Rombouts does it. Could be said with... more

Jessica Keppel / Artist

In recent years, artist Jessica Keppel worked in seeming silence. This period was a search for a way to the disciplines used by bringing together her painting, photography, graphics and drawing. In order to translate in a simple manner the layers of here imagery within a single work of art. So... more

José Diederix / Artist Painter

José Diederix In the work of Jose Diederix her use of color is striking : the very powerful light / dark shades. She uses bright transparent colors applied glazes over each other in She like to work with oil and watercolor paints. After giving watercolor lesson she followed a training for... more

Liesbeth Heikens / Artist Painter

‘How to express a lot, with less’. That is my constant search, in a nutshell. My favorite place to be is at the edge between color fields. I was born and raised in Oegstgeest, near Leiden. After graduating as an art and art history teacher in Delft, and an advanced art education degree in... more

Liesbeth van Ginneken / Artist Painter

Liesbeth van Ginneken is first and foremost a true painter of monumental work. Oil is the most impacting medium with which she communicates to the outside world. Her work has a gronologische buildeing series with different themes with titles like "Empty Suits Worn Out Jackets", "Painted Ladies"... more

Marjolein van Haasteren / Artist Painter

Marjolein van Haasteren writing; "I am fascinated by the landscape. My landscapes are timeless snapshots. I want to capture a particular moment. Light plays a major role. During my earlier work human figures were central and the space was the decor. Gradually disappeared man and became the... more

Sara Benhamou / Artist

My work deals with the tension between camouflage and identity. That has to do with the contemporary issues related to migration, assimilation, exclusion. As migrant you actually llive between two identities: that of the place of origine and that never disappears but is no more 'home' and the... more

Tanneke Barendregt / Artist

"It must have been around my seventeenth year that I had a appointment on the Beursplein Rotterdam with my mother. I stood on the steps of the Stock Exchange and looked down at all the people I did not know. Suddenly my mother appeared between all these anonymous. And, of course, I recognized her... more

Truus Serdijn / Visual Painter

Painting is for me not a professional job of nine to five, but an indomitable inspiration of creativity, which is not time -bound. After a period of minimization of color and figuration, spontaneously the colors come back again. If there is no theme, then I paint as it were, "in a daze" , in... more

Wanda Elzenga / Visual Painter

Wanda Elzenga has been painting since her high school days. And always will in addition to its policy work for the government. Now she can full time painting nearly, alongside a few other activities such as babysitting grandchildren and helping to brew beer at the brewery of her son, ValsNat.... more