"Help" gives you explanations of the functionalities of the site. It gives you an insight into how you can selct works of art easy and playfully. Below the conent table gives you the function structure.



Basis window of Apelles

The basic window has four subdivisions:
►   The horizontal menubar with Main functions and Sub Functions
►   Left vertical blue bar with the logo of Apelles
►   Art At Sight button
►   Footer with help, conditions and disclamer

Every subdivision will be explain in detail below




On the horizontal menubar are three Main functions (Occasions, Categories and Artists) and four Sub functions (Home, Apelles, Contact and Language choice) to distinguish.

Horizontal menubar

Sub functions
Besides the Main functions are the respective Sub functions. To begin with the Sub functions, these will first be briefly discussed.

Home               - refers to the startpage “Categories”
Apelles            - gives information about what Apelles is and who Apelles was
Contact            - gives the contactinformation of Apelles and the option to sent a e-mail to Apelles
NL / Eng          - an other language can be selceted

In “Home, Apelles, Contact and NL/ Eng” the text colors blue when you mouse passes over to activate the selected page or to make a language choice .

Main functions
A work of art can be linked with an attribute. In the basic screen of the site is a division created into three main groups by tab sheets in the horizontal bar:

  1. Occasions
  2. Categories
  3. Artists

The page of eacht main group is marked with the “blue” tab.

Main group selection window Occassions

In the left colom the attributes will expand at once if you click the first or second group. In other words in the selection page of Occasions, Categories and Artists is the path and selection colom not jet visible untill the selection has been made and you are in the basic selection window.

The moment the mouse moves over one of the choice fields (square framed) by Occasions or Categories the mouse cursur changes form arrow to hand and you can make the choice (example Birth window). Once you have made a choice, the site visitor arrives at the basic selection window.

Under "Artists", the following screen will be shown when the tab "Artists" is selected with a mouse click. This window can be scrolled to the particulair artist and the artist should be selected.

Selection Artists Window

From each artist is a distinctive image of his work, the name of the artist, discipline and the first part of the story of the artist ending with.... 'Morer' At the selection window of the listed artists at the end of each text of each artist the word .... 'Morer' stands in Blue which will change in Red as soon as the mouse cursur will move over the part of the artist. If the site visitor clicks on these data, you get to the next screen with detailed information of the artist.

Detai window Artist

By pressing the button “Search works of art of the artist”, which will get a blue background when you mouse moves over it, the site visitor will come in the Base Selection Window. With the "Back" button in the horizontal bar will going back to the previous window (selection from an artist or artwork).

Horizontal Selection bar with Back function to the right




Vertical Blue bar
The vertical Blue bar shows only the extended selection if first a selection is made in the primary function "Occasions", "Categries" or "Artists". It is The Basic Selection Window in which you can selcet and de-seklect by clicking on the attributes or just correcting the selection by the symbol 'X' or clicking on selected attribute.

Basic selection Window

The tab of the Main menu functions becomes/are blue if a selection is made in this part of the function.

Regarding the selection there will be given a "X" to the selected item above the colom with defined attribute. The user can, by moving the mouse over the selected attribute or the "X" changing the cursur from a arrow in a hand to de-select the attribute.

More detail selection can be made by ticking other attributes. (Type of work, Material etc).

In the selection window the number of items selected will be shown.

In the basic selection window with the options "prvious |1|2|3|4| next" the other selected works of art can be viewed. By double klick at an image the user will come in the detail window of that particulare work of art.



Quick selection

Quick selection

Logo in the window

By klicking with the mmouse on the logo of the site the user will come directly in the quick selection funtion.

Quick selection window

You can klick each attribute and by doning so you make a quick selection.



Art at Sight

Selected work of art


Detail window work of art

In this window diffrent options are posible:
Main function
   -   Place in "Art at Sight", which will isolate work in “Art at Sight”
   -   Printversion of this page, for printing neatly the picture and the information
Sub functions
   -   By Klicking the name of the artist you go to the window of the artist.
   -   Back, go back to the previous window

At the deatil window of the work of art you can see the status of the object which is administrated in the database (Availble, Option, Sold).


Art At Sight

At the piont the mouse hides the framed “Art At Sight” you can click to go to the window with the selected works of art.

In the next window the works of art which for example are selected.


Art At Sight window

The page "Art At Sight" shows the selecetd works of art of the site visitor, so you can see the works side by side and you can make a further choice. With the button "(-) Still not " a selected work by the visitors will be de-selected. With the button "Please send me more information about shown work of art", the visitor goes to the interest / purchase page.


Non-committal information / Option to take / Purchasing window

The site visitor can contact Apelles by filling out the form in this window. By e-mail, the visitor / applicant will recieve a confirmation including images and artist and title. The webmaster of Apelles receive this e-mail also, including the personal data entered by the site visitor and the work of art selected. Then, Apelles will contacte the visitor for further commitments.




help, conditions and disclamer

At the bottom of each page displays the link: help, conditions and disclaimer. These pages are plain text pages with tables of clickable contents / title text blocks and then will pass on to the particulare text block or by scrolling function on text block.

If you move the mouse over “help, conditions and disclamer” the text will become dark gruy and you can make the selection to viuew the information.